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WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)

We are pleased to be able to offer WRAP™ (Wellness Recovery Action Planning to our menu of recovery based education. Our expectation is that this course, which is being taught world-wide, will be popular with many Central Albertans.


Upcoming WRAP Courses 

These courses will be taught at first Red Deer Place, 4911-51 Street,
in our education program classrooms.

  • April 11 – May 30, 2017 (8 weeks on Tuesdays) 9:30 AM  – Noon
  • May 11 – June 29, 2017 (8 weeks on Thursdays) 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

The daytime course is open to people who are 18 and over. The evening course is open to individuals, couples, kids over 12 accompanied by an adult, and any group of people who consider themselves to be a family.

Download PDFs: 

WRAP evidence summary
Living a Family WRAP by Mary Ellen Copeland

WRAP™  is a self-management and recovery system that helps people incorporate wellness tools and strategies into their lives. Thousands of people, world-wide, have successfully used what they learned at an 8-week WRAP™ course to live happier and more satisfying lives while improving connections to their families, their friends, and their community.


WRAP for Life™

WRAP for Life™ is designed to:

  • Decrease day-to-day difficulties at home, school, or work;
  • Increase personal empowerment;
  • Improve quality of life; and
  • Assist people in achieving their own life goals and dreams.

family stick

Family WRAP™

When we think of family, we may think of the traditional family – Mom, Dad and children who live, work and play together, however, family is a much broader concept. In WRAP classes, family is a group of people who want to be together in a relationship that supports growth, happiness and wellness.

Families may have had difficult times working together. These patterns may have been established for a long time. Sometimes they are handed down, just like antiques, from generation to generation. Although old habits are often hard to break, it can be done as we “unlearn” them.

Family WRAP Is Designed to:

• Identify what families need for everyday wellness
• Develop skills and tools from a personal WRAP as well as family WRAP
• Help each member contribute to plans that the family will use to improve day to day interactions, meet daily challenges and promote mutual cooperation

People interested in WRAP course must call Canadian Mental Health Association at 403-342-2266 or email us at to arrange a meeting with CMHA Education Program staff prior to admission. There is a $25 materials fee, per person,  for the course. Bursaries may be available to offset this fee for people with limited incomes. Teenagers may attend WRAP for Families with an adult participant.



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