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Alberta Brain Injury Network (ABIN)

The Brain Injury Program at CMHA is part of a provincial brain injury network. Service Coordinators support adults and their families who are experiencing the effects of an acquired brain injury. The program is delivered in partnership with Catholic Social Services.

The Alberta Brain Injury Network (ABIN) has three service coordinators who assist individuals who are over 18 and have an acquired brain injury. An acquired brain injury is a brain injury that happens after birth.

If an individual or a family is looking for support around brain injury, they can meet with a service coordinator who will take the time to get to know them, find out what is working really well, and assess the areas that are in need of some support.

A service coordinator can assist both the individual with a brain injury, and the family of a person with a brain injury.

The ABIN team can help a person in many areas:

  • Finances – This may include applying for AISH, or other income supports, or accessing rent supplements for housing.
  • Rehabilitation – This may include connecting with physiotherapy, on-going treatments, or cognitive retraining.
  • Basic Needs – A service coordinator may help you find food and clothing, as well as housing arrangements.
  • Legal issues
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Adjusting to your situation

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