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Change, Growth, and Recovery

CMHA Central Alberta offers a number of programs and services for individuals whose lives are impacted by mental illness and emotional distress who are interested in change, growth and recovery. Read more below.
Alberta Brain Injury Network (ABIN)

The Brain Injury Program at CMHA is part of a provincial brain injury network. Service Coordinators support adults and their families who are experiencing the effects of an acquired brain injury. The program is delivered in partnership with Catholic Social Services.

Art of Friendship

Art of Friendship is an eight-week course that teaches individuals the skills needed to develop and maintain healthy friendships. The course also teaches how to create positive social connections with co-workers, employers, family members, and friends. 

Both Daytime and Evening Courses are offered.

Friendship Circle

Our Friendship Circle provides opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships, participate in community life, and enhance leadership and mentoring abilities. It’s also a lot of fun!

Living Life to the Full


Living Life to the Full is a designed to help people face and overcome the problems that are bothering them. Living Life to the Full is for people experiencing depression or anxiety and also benefits anyone seeking to worry less and live a happier life, starting now.

Recovery Videos

Recovery is expected! These videos feature leaders in the recovery movement talking about what recovery is and how to make it happen.

Videos From our Courses

We often show videos during our CMHA Education programs, events and courses. Here are some of them.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)

We are pleased to be able to offer WRAP™ (Wellness Recovery Action Planning to our menu of recovery based education. Our expectation is that this course, which is being taught world-wide, will be popular with many Central Albertans.