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The Canadian Mental Health Association is a non-profit organization and relies upon individuals and groups for the financial support needed to carry out its services.

Many people with mental illness do not reach out for help because of shame and fear. People also don’t know where to find accurate information so that they can recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness, and understand the danger of not asking for help.

CMHA Alberta Central Region strives to ensure at atmosphere of acceptance and support where people with mental illness are not afraid to reach out for help when they need it, and that when they do, they will find accurate information and effective services.

Donate Online

You may contribute to CMHA Alberta Central Region by donating online at the link below.

Donate now through!

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a gift of assets rather than income. Planned gifts are made after careful consideration of your financial or estate plan and require some type of legal documentation (for example, a Will or a life insurance policy). They are arranged now to provide funds to CMHA Alberta Central Region at some time in the future.

Planned gifts are easy to set up and they can provide you with:

  • estate tax savings and planning benefits
  • current and future tax savings
  • a way to show that mental health matters

The most common type of planned gift is a charitable gift in a Will, but a planned gift can be tailored to your personal and financial circumstances.

We can talk with you and your financial advisors to ensure your planned gift fits your desires, financial objectives, family needs, and tax situation. We would be happy to explain how your gift will be used and answer any of your questions about the Canadian Mental Health Association’s role in advocacy, education, research and service. Please be assured that any discussion is confidential and will not obligate you to make a gift.

If you would like to know more, please contact Jane at (403) 342-2266.

Please seek expert advice before making a planned gift. We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure that your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed and your planned gift is tailored to your circumstances.

Donate Clothing

Donations of quality used clothing can be donated to our Bargain Treasures Thrift Store which is a major fundraiser for our organization. Call (403) 347-9711 to make drop-off arrangements.